The Story of Jasper’s Corner Tap and Kitchen,

a San Francisco Union Square American Restaurant

The Legend of Jasper O’Farrell

jaspers_o_farrellJasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen is home and namesake to Jasper O’Farrell, the man who named and built such streets of San Francisco as Market, Lombard, Pine and O’Farrell. For all intents, he largely constructed the city as we currently know it today.

Jasper was an Irish immigrant with a grand view of what this City by the Bay could be. A social man, he wanted to create a wondrous promenade that would bring the city together around trade, commerce, meals, and most importantly, drink! It is in the spirit of this remarkable innovator that we named Jasper’s, with the inspiration of creating something worth bringing the streets of San Francisco together over once again. Join us this St. Patrick’s Day in raising a glass to this amazing city and one of the brave Irish pioneers who helped sculpt it!





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