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Jasper’s Corner Tap News. Browse the links below for the latest press releases and news articles featuring Jasper’s Corner Tap and Kitchen, located inside the Serrano Hotel San Francisco. We are often in the news for our unique menu offerings, craft beer, signature cocktails, onsite events and for our commitment to giving back. We value participation in our community, especially when it concerns works of charity. If you have ideas for our next event, please see the press contact below. 

In the News

Travel Squire: Jasper’s Corner Tap and Kitchen, SF

“The reason people flock to Jasper’s is because the food tastes good. Dishes are innovative without being fussy and portions are generous.”

Best Things California: 10 Best French Fries in California

Article excerpt: “Jasper’s Corner Tap focuses on local ingredients and sustainability. So when you order your choice of fries the cooking oil gets converted into bio-diesel and you get delicious fries.”

Cocktail Enthusiast: 5 Whiskey Sour Recipes for National Whiskey Sour Day 

Article excerpt: “August 25 is National Whiskey Sour Day, so that seems like a fine occasion for rounding up a five-pack of whiskey sours.”

Thrillist: Best Bar Food in San Francisco by Neighborhood

Article excerpt: “Oh, Jasper’s, how we love you for your 18 continuously rotating beers on tap, your delightful cocktails, and your baked chicken wings.”

Bay Area Reporter: Symphony Sips II

Article excerpt: “Uncover Michael Avakian’s Live Long & Drink for Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage.”

SFist: The 20 Best French Fries In San Francisco

Article excerpt: “Traditional cheese curds along with braised short rib, a delicious red-wine gravy, and tops it with a sunny-side-up egg that stirs nicely into hand-cut fries.”

7×7: Boozy Floats, a Petting Zoo, and $5 Beers for Dad

Article excerpt: “Looking for a low-key way to celebrate the favorite dad in your life this Father’s Day? Take him to Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen on Sunday for $5 beers from any of the bar’s 18 taps of local and international brews…”

Rally by Eventbrite: 10 San Francisco Bars That Dad Will Love

Article excerpt:Jasper’s is the perfect place to take Pops for crave-worthy food he can pair with cold craft brews. There are 18 continually changing beers on tap…”

USA Today: Famous state fair foods at American restaurants

Article excerpt: “Caramel corn goes even more gourmet at Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen in San Francisco. Liquid Nitrogen Caramel Corn creation entails homemade caramel corn that has been chilled to subzero temperatures for a ‘Cracker Jack-like quality.’ ”


Article excerpt: “…try an at-home remedy. Mine is French fries, two glasses of water, two antacids, a low-ABV beer, and a couple slices of pizza (Hot Pockets if I’m desperate).” 

Thrillist: Time-Saving Kitchen Tricks from Line Cooks

Article excerpt: “Fake a smoky flavor. If you really want to get a fast, smoky flavor in your food, invest in a smoking gun — they are excellent,” Steudle said. Also, a pinch of paprika can add a faux-smoke flavor that takes a fraction of the time as cooking bacon does.”

Uproxx: Famous Chefs Share The Gadgets That Will Help You Up Your Kitchen Game

Article excerpt:  “A cast iron skillet that is treated properly (scrub with oil and kosher salt to clean) can be handed down from generations – only getting better with age. They may not have sleek modern appeal but there is still something rugged about them and honestly, there aren’t many things that are built to last longer than us anymore.”— Adam Steudle, Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen (San Francisco, CA)

OpenTable: On the Menu: Chefs Share Dishes Inspired by Mom

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Article excerpt: “He didn’t inherit his cooking skills from his mother, but chef Steudle was always a fan of her meatloaf, which he requested for birthdays and special occasions. His version, made with organic bison and red onions, is served with a barbecue glaze, smashed potatoes and a rich and creamy red wine gravy is terrifically juicy and flavorful.”


Article excerpt:  “Leave a legacy”It’s up to the individual: how would you like to be remembered? What is your legacy? And who will miss you?” — Michael Avakian, Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen (San Francisco, CA)

7×7: Mother’s Day Brunch Options

Article excerpt: “This Union Square restaurant has a new menu by Chef Adam Steudle. The menu includes abison meatloaf with organic bison, red onion, smashed potatoes, red wine gravy and bbq glaze; Frito Pie with fritos, veggie chili, cheddar beer sauce, lime crema and serranos; and classics such as the biscuits & gravy, American breakfast and English breakfast. Oh and champagne is only $5 a glass!”

SFist: The 13 Best Stoner Foods in San Francisco

Article excerpt: While highlighting the Poutine/Disco Fries, it notes, “Jasper’s version, further refined by newly installed chef Adam Steudle, has the traditional cheese curds, braised short ribs, a delicious red-wine gravy, as well as a sunny-side-up egg on top.”


Article excerpt: “The trendy ingredient I am most tired of serving is kale. It’s a superfood, we get it, but when it starts popping up on McDonald’s menus, it’s over. When I first started working in kitchens, kale’s place was as a garnish on the bottom of a platter for a banquet. It’s practically a large-leaf parsley. It exists for aesthetics. Stop eating and drinking it. Stop pretending it tastes good!” — Adam Steudle, Jasper’s Corner Tap and Kitchen

7×7: Love Tea? Try These Tea-Based Cocktail Recipes

Article excerpt: “Here at 7×7, we love tea. So, when we found out that Bay Area bartenders were adding tea to their cocktails, well, we just had to get the recipes. Spicy, herbal, and good-for-you, make these boozy cocktails your new nightcap.” Featured: Yshad, C, Jasper’s Corner Tap

Rally by Eventbrite: 5 New SF Bars and Restaurants You Should Hit Up This April

Article excerpt: “…what IS new is the totally indulgent Southern and British-inspired menu from chef Adam Steudle that just rolled out a few weeks ago.”

SF Weekly: EAT THIS: Nitrogen-Cold Popcorn at Jasper’s Corner Tap

Article excerpt: “Chilling popcorn down to subzero temperatures freezes the caramel which, instead of returning to a Cracker Jack-like quality upon coming up to temp, becomes buttery and smooth again.”

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