San Francisco International Beer Festival

Jasper's Corner Tap and Kitchen Joins San Francisco International Beer FestivalSan Francisco International Beer Festival

Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen scheduled to participate in the San Francisco International Beer Festival

What if you could take a trip to beer heaven? Well then, you’d find it at The annual San Francisco International Beer Festival, May 21st, 2016. The SFIBF includes local and international beers from big name bottles to lesser known labels, and while the main attraction here is definitely the beer, it wouldn’t be a festival without its share of delishus food. This year, Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen will be on-site, catering chef-inspired small bites— because nothing goes better with beer than seriously amazing food.

Jasper’s is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event which sponsors the local Telegraph Hill Cooperative Nursery School. All proceeds of the festival go to support Tel-Hi and is the school’s sole fundraiser, covering 90% of the tuition, keeping the school affordable for students. It’s what we call a justifiable “5-star” deal!
If you love a good beer than having hundreds of beers to choose from is just…awesome! Escape the weekend trip to the liquor store for a chance to fill your cup with the best craft beers in the country— because at the SFIBF, the phrase “less is more” definitely doesn’t apply.  Welcome to beer heaven!

We’re offering fans of Jasper’s a special 10% discount to the event. Come check us out and use code HEREFORBEER for your discount. Get your tickets here and don’t forget to check back for more details about Jasper’s participation in this year’s event.


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SF Beer Week and SF Restaurant Week

Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen scheduled to participate in SF Beer Week and SF Restaurant Week


SF Beer Week

Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen is joining SF Beer Week and Restaurant Week 2016

San Francisco loves many things, and one of its first loves is craft brews. Because we all know a craft beer obsession deserves a holiday of its own, the city’s given it one: SF Beer Week, this January 22nd -31st. The 10-day marathon includes over 350 events and attracts first-time beer tasters to hard-core brew fans from around the country in one of the biggest beer events in America. From the opening gala featuring craft beers from 100+ breweries from Northern California, to special tasting and tours around the city, San Francisco is coming together for a cause…craft beer! Attend the event and find a good beer you’ll want to share with friends, and then find a beer so incredibly good you couldn’t imagine sharing it with anyone. You’ll find it all at SF Beer Week!

Get your tickets here & don’t forget to check back soon for more event details from Jasper’s.

SF Restaurant Week

When the best chefs in America converge (in San Francisco of course!) you have a restaurant week like no other. Adding to the bounty of culinary talent, special menu offerings and small plate pricing means exploring more of the city’s best restaurants. When you make a reservation with OpenTable reservations, the event will donate to the 50 Fund, a local project to help low-income children in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Participating in the event (January 20th – 31st) might be the best decision you’ve ever made, so join SF Restaurant Week for one of the most epic taste tests in the country!

Check back soon for the latest event participants & book your table at Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen for SF Restaurant Week. We guarantee you’ll want to order several irresistible tastings made by our very own Executive Chef, Adam Steudle.


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San Francisco Ice Cream Trend

Get on board with San Franciscos Artisan Ice Cream trend 2015 - Jaspers Corner Tap and Kitchen Union Square RestaurantGet The Scoop on San Francisco Ice Cream Trend

Nothing says warm weather quite like lemonade stands, patio grills and the sound of an ice cream truck turning down your street. It’s the scoop of ice cream melting down the side of your cone, as you try to keep up with the sun that welcomes it best. This year, ice cream has gotten San Francisco’s attention. Trending at the top of the dessert craze, (deservedly so,) artisan ice cream is what’s on everyone’s short list for summer.

Emily Luchi compares San Francisco’s ice cream against the rest.

In the Bay Area we are happily spoiled by artisan ice cream shops that make delicious and interesting ice cream. Each is distinct in its own way…But ice cream is different on the East Coast.  The flavors aren’t as sophisticated but the creameries are institutions. Many have been around for decades and haven’t changed much.”

West-coast scoop shops are creating flavors that make an impression on ice cream. Anything from eccentric to crowd pleasing, they must walk the fine line between the simple goodness of ice cream and over-created flavors. More words in its name does not make it any more artisan. Ice cream is, and always should be, a trusted taste of creamy confection.

Listed at the top of trending desserts for 2015, artisan ice cream have chosen some favorites. Two ice cream flavors have taken best in show. Applause is due salted caramel, most likely the reason ice cream became a trend in the first place.

Coming in close second is the ice cream you’ll need to bring your ID with to eat. Craft beer has introduced itself to ice cream. San Francisco’s, Smitten Ice Cream has churned up an ice cream with its own kind of brain freeze, and it’s strong enough to get drunk on. If it’s good in a mug, they figured it was good in a bowl too. Optionally served with a glass of beer, it makes for a float worthy of its own parade.

People all over San Francisco are getting in ice cream “flights,” tasting their way through flavors and finding their favorites. Hang on to your spoon this summer. San Francisco is dishing out something to scream about.



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Top 5 Strangest Things to Do in San Francisco

San Francisco outdoor pillow fight 2015 Jaspers Corner Tap and Kitchen near Union SquareTop 5 Strangest Things to Do in San Francisco this Spring


  1. A City-Wide Pillow Fight
    Because we knew you were wondering, National Pillow Fight Day is right around the corner on April 4th. Consider this day fair game to swing and toss pillows at anyone still in pajamas. Each spring in San Francisco, pillow fighters unite. Think 1,000 brave souls (+ their pillows) at Justin Herman Plaza; think feathers! Only in San Francisco would mass pillow fighting be a thing. Read all about it here.
  2. Camp Tipsy
    Only in San Francisco, the city by the Bay, would you find an annual rotten boat making contest. Participants camp out along the coast and built rotten boats to float along Lake Lodoga. Sponsored by the San Francisco Institute of Possibility, each year attenders try to be better (or more rotten) than the rest. If bad building comes naturally to you, this might be just your thing. Sign up here.
  3. A Café for Cats
    For some cats, this is just the beginning of life as it should be. Cats everywhere agree, it was high time. At KitTea, the cats get most of the attention, but their human friends are invited along. The café’s tea is a puuurfect way to relax and get the most of your time with cats. If you don’t have a kitty of your own, there’s never been a better place to adopt. Look it up here.
  4. World’s Naked Bike Ride
    I kinda wish I could say, just kidding, but each spring this really happens. Nude bikers ride past all of San Francisco’s major hotspots, and for those looking for a show, the bikers deliver. The group says the annual bike ride stands for their protest against oil dependence, and the nakedness is meant to show how vulnerable they are to it. (Plus it gets eyes on their cause.) Whether or not you can believe your eyes, this is real. If you’re over 21, find out more here.
  5. The Alcatraz Cold Water Swim
    If the nightmare of escaping from Alcatraz wasn’t enough for you, than perhaps swimming the 1.25 miles in ice cold water is. Each year a group of brave (and crazy) swimmers take on the challenge, for only in San Francisco would this seem like a good idea. If you think like a polar bear, find out more here.

There you have it, 5 more reasons San Francisco is a crazy (good) place to live!

RESERVE NOW:  We’ll give you a fill of crazy at Jasper’s, crazy good that is!

The New Tea Craze

New Tea Craze - Jasper's Corner Tap and Kitchen - Union Square RestaurantIs Coffee Taking a Backseat to the New Tea Craze

It may be just a change in the wind, but tea is taking the dance floor of America’s beverage of choice. Two new revolutions in the cup of tea as we know it have hit the American saucer. The Republic of Tea has steeped a way for their tea to maintain a steady level of caffeine throughout the day, without the crash and burn of a regular cup of Joe. Long known for their anti-oxidants and other health benefits, the HiCAF tea is combining the best of both worlds. Hunter Atkins writes,  “To make the HiCAF teas, The Republic of Tea cleverly repurposed the green tea extracted from its decaffeinated varieties and injected it into the new line to raise the typical amount.”

The second tea revolution involves the repurposing of the coffee plant. Taking a page from coffee’s book, tea is using coffee plant leafs to make the perfect cup of tea. “When steeped like tea, [the coffee leaves] have some pretty impressive health benefits: no caffeine, and incredibly high levels of antioxidants,” says Dan Nosowitz.

There is nothing as unpretentious or unassuming as a warm cup of tea. Where coffee has so many expectations, like, “I’d like a “half-caf, Soy Latte with an extra shot and cream,” tea sits calmly in its cup without any fuss. Think of all the stories a tea cup could tell, how many pieces of gossip stirred around with the cream and hush-hush exchanges between spoonful’s of sugar. You could say that a cup of tea started the revolution itself.

This year tea may call to mind something other than your grandmother’s china tea cup. While coffee is sitting around in everyone’s Keurig, tea has been having a party. But if coffee is still your cup of tea, leave room in your cup to try tea one day too. You’re only a sip away from loving it!


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The Most Popular Pretzel in San Francisco

San Francisco pretzel at Jaspers Corner Tap & KitchenThe Most Popular Pretzel in San Francisco is at Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen

The most Yelped about Japer’s food is our famed Warm Soft Pretzel with maldon salt and smoked fondue. On a hunt to find Jasper’s most talked about dish, we’ve been tallying up our reviews. From pictures of mixed drinks resting on coasters stamped with Jasper’s name, mug shots of white bowls holding nests of poutine, and our paparazzied trio of eggs, in the end, the applause belongs to our Soft Pretzel. Jasper’s has an art to making a pretzel, and it’s one that stands out in the crowd.

The “pretzel in melted cheese is divine.” –Abby S

When you’ve made something truly special you know with one biPretzel in San Francisco is at Jaspers Corner Tap & Kitchen   te that it’s high above the ranks of ordinary. Jasper’s pretzels certainly aren’t a “bang it out quickly” recipe. We’ve been in the kitchen long before the hot flaky pretzel even reaches your plate.

The chefs at Jasper’s hold our recipe tightly to their chest, but we’ll let your in on a few of our secrets. Gently kneading the pretzel’s dough, we maintain the perfect amount of elasticity without disturbing the air bubbles inside. Our measure of butter makes for a softer, flakier pretzel that’s melt-in-your-mouth good.

“We ordered the pretzel again because it was THAT amazing…” – Hannah C

At Jasper’s we let our taste buds be our guide. By gently smoking our Gouda, we add a subtle hickory flavor to give depth to the cheese, creating the best creamed fondue you can put into your mouth.

Soft Pretzel is Japer’s most yelped food“the pretzel – oh the pretzel.  It is amazingly soft and fluffy and the dip makes me want to eat it with a spoon.”  – Arica V.

We choose maldon sea salt above kosher for its lack of bitterness and flaky texture. Maldon is easy to crumble over the smooth, warm tops of our pretzels as they finish sunning in the oven.

While we can’t tell you all of our secrets, we’ve hinted at what goes into each bite of our most Yelped creation. After all, a girl never bakes and tells.

The best pretzel in San Francisco is at Jaspers Corner Tap & KitchenThe only thing better than Gouda to accompany our pretzel, is a tall glass of amber beer. Don’t take our word for it, just listen to the voices of Yelp.


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Best San Francisco Food Trends

Jasper’s is the best place to taste the best San Francisco food trends!The Best San Francisco Food Trends in 2015

Turmeric is quickly moving into the ranks of the cool spice this year. Today’s San Francisco food community is largely focused on the tasteful and healthy, and turmeric confidently wears both hats. A seasoning that goes well with sweet and spicy flavor profiles, it won’t steer your recipe wrong.

Regularly seen from the inside of a teacup, turmeric is earning a reputation in the snack and soda trades as well. It’s loved for its anti-inflammatory powers and as being the best cure for a night on the town. Turmeric weds beneficial and versatile in a happy union of flavor.

Known most notably in the vibrant flavors of Indian cuisine, its rich yellow color has never been demure. Not a stand-alone spice, in enhances the finale of a well-seasoned dish. Putting on a show of aroma, color and unbashful flavor, it hits your tongue beautifully with shared tastes of cumin, ginger and cinnamon. Let a little more turmeric into your life and you’ll understand why it’s San Francisco’s new best friend.

San Francisco’s Jasper Corner Tap and Kitchen is at the forefront on New American Cuisine. The restaurant is redefining what has long been passed off cultural dishes. A fusion of flavor and cultures, it merges global flavors from around the world into what’s becoming the New American. The most prevalent use of turmeric found in Indian dishes is ever evolving into blended cultural recipes, much like America itself.

If you’re ready to commit, this featured recipe will put you on the right path. (But please choose your dishcloth wisely; turmeric is an unforgiving soul and you may find it taking a permanent place in your life.) Start with something simple and let yourself fall in love.



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Jasper O’farrell

Jasper Corner Tap and Kitchen is the best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Irish Pub food and AleJasper O’farrell, The Irishman Who Paved The Streets of San Francisco

The blueprint of San Francisco lies on the footprint of an Irishman. With a bullock hide fashioned into a surveying chain, Jasper O’Farrell laid out the future of San Francisco. Coming to the city as a surveyor, O’Farrell was a self-made American man with Irish blood. He took a village of 400 gritty pioneers and miners and dreamed up San Francisco’s rise from humble beginnings, one street at a time. He drafted Market Street to be the grand promenade it is today, 120 feet wide and nestled in the sandy valley of Los Pechos de la Choca, or, “the Breasts of the Maiden.”

When San Francisco shifted from Mexican territory to American soil, it was an Irishman that laid out the heart of the city, a city which would in turn steal our hearts. Fighting off an angry mob and a noose with his name on it, the people of early San Francisco didn’t sleep with big dreams. Yet even empty promises of pay in gold did not keep him from putting Market Street forever on the map. Said to be San Francisco’s most forgotten pioneer, O’Farrell penned grids reaching to the bay, today’s wharfs and sea-lined streets. He had the vision for the business street of America right in the heart of our great city.

A civil engineer, a farmer and politician, he embodies what America is: a blend of dreamers, workers, thinkers and a country where we can all pursue our dreams. From horses to stage coach, from trollies to automobiles, Market Street has progressed into the “Path of Gold” which lines the street today, reminding of the pioneers and gold-miners who became the city. But it reminds of none more so than Jasper O’Farrell, the man who laid out the path for one of the greatest streets in the world.

Not just a namesake, Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen strives to take after the man himself. A man who offered hospitality out of his home to all, a man who loved sipping down an Irish whisky with a friend, and a man who shook hands with anyone he met. He was a true gentleman, loved by all.

At Jasper’s, every day is a nod to the Irishman and a memory of a man who pioneered the ground we stand on. His roots bring every neighborhood of the city together, just as Jasper’s does today. And like Jasper O’Farrell’s home, our doors are always open. You’ll always have a place here at Jasper’s to share a drink and raise your glass to the Irish. San Francisco is American-made, but somewhere in our roots, it’s part Irish.

This year, come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Jasper’s, born of a true Irish legend.


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Jasper’s Express Lunch Menu

Jasper’s Express Lunch Menu Hits San Francisco’s Power Lunch Scene

San Francisco’s Jasper Corner Tap and Kitchen is serving EXPRESS LUNCH near Union Square

San Francisco’s restaurants are keying into the demand of the business lunch hour and Jasper’s is an emerging name in the scene. Their exclusive lunch menu is the creation of Jasper’s new executive chef, Sally Yu. Opening her own restaurant by the age of 21, Sally understands San Francisco’s ever-evolving food trends. “I feel as chefs, we have the responsibility to not only help feed, but to also provide education. One of the reasons I love food so much is because of the impact it has made to many of us at different stages of our lives. Our memories and cultures are rooted and tied to food. Food is defined as universal love in my eyes. I am lucky to be able to create love, as I see it, for others to experience and enjoy.”

Centrally located, Jasper’s is easily accessible and affiliated with a key business hotel. Their restaurant team has been trained to recognize when business is in play and know when to give the group its space. They offer a casual business lunch atmosphere, where seats by the bar offer a buzz, and quieter tables border the room. Robin Jay speaks to the value of a business lunch, writing, “Breaking bread breaks barriers.” Jasper’s has become place to rub shoulders with other business groups and make connections.

There is an art to offering a tasteful meal in the span of an hour and they’ve had no trouble adapting. Jasper’s offers an exclusive express lunch menu, perfect for alleviating the need to slide your plate to the side and stare down your waiter. Jasper’s new head mixologist, William Tsui, caters to the needs of the working lunch as well. He has created signature mocktails and alcohol-free alternatives for those unable to enbibe over the lunch hour. Eliza Browning gives this advice, “if you’re taking clients to lunch and your company is paying, you should probably skip the alcohol. But if your client wants to imbibe, let him order a drink. A good rule of thumb is to let your guests order first, so they’re not inhibited by your choice.” With a full bar menu, Jasper’s offers choices both during and after work.

Popular beyond the business circle is their versatile restaurant, featuring weekend brunches, an inventive dinner menu, and late night bites. It is quickly becoming a foodie hot spot. Jasper’s has re-evolved into a San Francisco gastropub. Both their drinks and their food have legs of their own, and at Jasper’s, their tables can hold them both. Come and see what all the buzz is about and taste the reason Jasper’s is getting its name in the San Francisco lunch scene.


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Best Food Trend Coming to San Francisco in 2015

Savory Pancake Craze hits San Francisco - Jaspers Corner Tap and Kitchen - Dining near Union SquareBest Food Trend Coming to San Francisco in 2015

2015 promises savory pancakes will stack up high on the food trend list. Someone has finally found a way for us to eat breakfast for lunch and dinner with dignity, just like the mimosa has long been a respectable way to drink champagne for breakfast. Imagine the savory pancake as a perfect canvas, holding together a gold mine of possibilities.

For the few of us who haven’t tapped in to the cache of recipes, you’re gonna want to. Stemming from a build-your-own taco culture, it was only a matter of time until we started building pancakes too. Savory can mean anything from cornmeal to carrots to ricotta cheese. Smother them with guacamole cream, salted yogurt or perhaps even sriracha sauce. If you can dream it, you can griddle it. Syrup aside, anything can top them, (but nothing will beat them.)

This is one food trend to keep your head up for. Look forward to pancakes emerging over the menus. A hearty breakfast is nothing new, but a hearty breakfast that stays for lunch and dinner is what we call a real cake. You’ll be hard pressed to fall in love with just one, but when it comes to pancakes, you are free to love them all.

Getting your kids to the dinner table will be a piece of cake… when it’s macaroni and cheese cakes in the offerings. And serving pancakes after 10 am still leaves a hint of playfulness. More and more people are crossing the line from sweet to savory. You’ll find stacks to love, with plenty of delicious to go around the table.

Savory pancakes will make you want breakfast for dinner. Get them while they’re hot.

Some of our favorite recipes:
Savory Pumpkin-Cheddar Pancakes with Rosemary
Savory Corn Pancakes with White Cheddar & Rosemary
Carrot Cake Pancakes with Maple-Cream Cheese Drizzle
Savory Indian Pancakes


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